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I am Fraser Malyk, an SEO expert based in Leeds, UK. For over 15 years I have helped clients grow their sales through increased visibility within the search engines – for the searches that matter most. Every campaign that I run is carefully structured – ensuring best practice is delivered at every level; because if any stage is inaccurate – the whole SEO campaign will fail to achieve its potential.

  • SEO Audit & Situational Analysis
  • SMART SEO Objectives
  • SEO Strategy (On-Site, Content, Technical, & link building (Online PR) & Channel Integration)
  • SEO Tactics & Action (Hands on technical implementation by me – no developer required)
  • SEO Reporting (Analytics & Ranking Reports)
SEO Ranking Analysis

SEO is the marketing channel that focuses on visibility in the search results, organically (without paying for placement). As a discipline, SEO requires a varied skillset in order to master & especially to implement. The reason for this is because SEO intersects with so many other disciplines – UX, Web Development, Content Strategy, PR, Market Research, Analytics, Social & PPC.

Google uses hundreds of signals to rank websites for a given search – but with a simple ultimate Goal….. to satisfy the users query. This objective must underpin every SEO campaign – content that addresses the users query better than everyone else.

Though content is the heartbeat of any SEO campaign – a heart can’t survive by itself. Strong content needs to be rooted in strong situational analysis (KW & Topic Research) and guided by SMART objectives. The content needs to be accessible, prioritised within the website architecture & referenced (Links/Mentions) by other sites (social, news & partner sites)

As a Freelance SEO expert with over 15 years experience of delivering campaigns for clients, across many different sectors/industries, I am confident that I can deliver exceptional results for your business.

SEO Audit, Situational Analysis,

Keyword & Topic Research

It is critical to identify where your site currently stands and the context. Underpinning this research is Keyword & Topic research – this is necessary to identify the context of competitors and to identify strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats. It underpins & directs the creation of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Time Bound) Objectives and the SEO strategy to achieve the objectives. A range of tools are used to research & continually monitor the environment.

SMART SEO Objectives

Objectives need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Time Bound in order to manage client expectations & create effective SEO strategies. Where SEO objectives do not satisfy the SMART criteria, the whole campaign will disintegrate.

SEO Strategy

The strategy will set out the requirements to meet the objectives – principally through On-site (Technical, Architectural, On-Page, Content, UX & engagement) & Online PR (Link building through editorials, Social, Mentions). It’s also important to make sure that SEO is integrated within the wider digital strategy alongside other marketing channels.  I have worked dedicated technical & outreach roles – and I have over 10 years experience of developing strong SEO campaigns that meet the target objectives.

SEO Tactics & Actions (Implementation)

Breaking down the schedule into actionable tactics is necessary to ensure that campaigns are on target to meet the objectives. As someone with technical web development experience I have the ability to directly implement the SEO strategy without the need of a development team where required.

SEO Reporting (Analytics & Ranking Reports)

Complete transparency is required in order to identify progress. Keyword ranking reports are necessary to identify organic visibility within the SERPs (search engine results pages) & Analytics (Google & Search Console) to track organic traffic to the site & engagement.

Some of my work….

SEO, Video & Online PR

SEO, Video & Online PR

March 10, 2018

SEO & Online PR

SEO & Online PR

October 8, 2017

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